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Summer examinations

Parent information about our Summer Examinations for Year 7 - 10 can be found here.

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RJ poster
#R&J - Thursday 30th June

Our students will be performing Romeo and Juliet from June 30th to July 2nd at ACS! Tickets are available at either sites at reception. Report and photo gallery to follow after the event.

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase - Wednesday 22nd June

Our 40 year 12 Chemistry students had an amazing day, working with STEM ambassadors from Department of Chemistry Imperial College  London. According to our Chemistry students Shahir Ahmadi and Ajay Nair: ‘During the workshop we looked at the practica...

Valencia Trip - Wednesday 15th June

The students enjoyed thier very exciting trip to Spain this year. They really enjoyed the food, the hot weather and activities such as kayaking, climbing, hiking, zip-lining and language exchange activities with our partner school from Madrid. The b...

2016JUNELD 20
Extended Learning Day - June - Wednesday 15th June

On Wednesday 8th June, for ELD, we held a number of Inter-House Competitions, with companies such as Wise-Up who came over to host and deliver numerous problem solving and teamwork challenges to encourage skills such as planning, team-work and commu...

Tim Prendergast Visit - Monday 23rd May

On Wednesday May 18th Alperton Community School had the privilege of welcoming Tim Prendergast, Paralympic gold medallist and Sky Sports mentor in to assemblies. His motivating words of wisdom and touching story was one that the KS3 students will alw...