If you are unable to attend school due to illness or some other acceptable reason. It is expected that your parents/carers contact the school’s attendance officer explaining the reasons for your absence.  You are also expected to bring a note in on the day of your return to school explaining the reasons and indicating the dates of absence.

You are expected to be on the school premises by 8.30 am ready to go to your first lesson at 8.40am. You will be registered in all your lessons.


We owe it to each other to make the school a pleasant, welcoming  and safe place to work in that we can all be proud of.  You must make sure that you:

  • Follow the four Rs: Ready, Respectful, Responsible and Resilient
  • Always walk sensibly and quietly around the school building.
  • Keep to the left
  • Place all your litter into the bins provided.
  • Do not bring any electronic devices or other toys into the school.
  • Be polite and courteous to each other


We  want to present a positive image of our school  to the surrounding community.  We would like for you to ensure that whether you are out of school, in uniform, waiting at the bus stop, on a bus or on a school trip you should always behave in a sensible, mature manner and acknowledge that you are representing Alperton Community School.