Dr Potts, Associate Professor at University College London and former lecturer of our science teacher Dr Mahmud, visited our school on 4 March and delivered an inspiring masterclass to our Year 10 triple science students.

Dr Potts spoke about his research, university life and about various career opportunities for chemistry graduates, both within academia, such as researcher, and careers within other sectors, such as finance or IT. He also shared with the students more information about what a chemistry degree entails, as well as various societies students can take part in at UCL.

Towards the end, students also took part in a 15 minutes QA session.

After the lesson, Dr Potts and Dr Mahmood discussed about various aspects of the curriculum and how to engage students from various backgrounds, both at school and university level.

“The talk was highly engaging and informative and also brought back memories from when I was an undergraduate student and how inspirational Dr Potts was, and still is, and the impact he had on me as a student.” (Dr Mahmood)

“The workshop Dr Potts delivered was very informative and provided a wide range of insights into chemistry and the various things it can be used for. In addition to learning about STEM pathways, I am now more aware of how university life works and what to expect. Overall, the experience was great.” (Nikki, Year 10)

“Dr Potts presentation was very informative and enjoyable. It gave us a wider understanding of Chemistry A levels and the opportunity to ask questions to a professor at UCL” (Student, Year 10)