On Monday, 18th March 2024, we had the pleasure of welcoming to our school former student Rishi Rao, who left Alperton in 1996. Rishi is the owner and managing director of an IT automation business, providing various IT solutions, including Microsoft Office.

On his arrival at Ealing Road, he was met by two Year 8 students, Mya and Shaheem, along with Mr Rayleigh, who gave him a full tour of the new building. The students asked him many questions about his current role and how he manages to find new clients and the different techniques he uses to ensure he always has work as a self-employed.

He then gave an impromptu careers talk to a number of sixth formers which was very personal and inspirational. After lunch, he visited our Stanley Avenue school and two of our Year 12 students, Fahima and Aisha, gave him a full tour of the upper school.

It was yet another wonderful day welcoming back another amazing former student who was very complimentary about our school and our students.