On Tuesday, 4th July, 15 Year 10 students visited the Headquarters of Accenture for an ICT workshop. The students were introduced to new and exciting technologies as well as the metaverse, which is an interconnected virtual reality space that merges the physical and digital worlds. Students were shown its potential on industries such as gaming, entertainment, education and commerce. They had to come up with innovative solutions to a specific problem and had the opportunity to practice their team-working skills and thinking ‘outside of the box’.

Students also met with Accenture technology consultants and specialists who taught them about the metaverse and showcased the many and varied careers within the industry.

TACS at the Accenture Headquartershis trip was an amazing experience for our students as it exposed them to the forefront of technology and inspired them to envision the possibilities of the digital world. The trip should now ignite a passion for innovation and prepare the students to navigate the exciting world of technological advancements.

‘The trip was absolutely brilliant. It started like a normal trip: travelling on the underground and just relaxing, making our way to the organisation, figuring out where to go in such an enormous place, and then meeting the people who would lead us for the day. There was some introductions and a quick agenda of what was to come. They explained the “Metaverse” and all of the amazing things technology could do whilst making sure we were included and understood.

Then we were given the task to use technology like AI or Extended Reality and other advanced parts of the metaverse in order to solve a problem. We were put into groups and we decided to work on “Loneliness”. There were professionals that worked with us, supporting us along the way. Then they gave us a tour and… Wow! This place was amazing! There were at least 12 floors in the building and each floor had a theme with numerous people working there. I’d have to say the most appealing thing must have been the soundproof “hives” as they called it, where you could work uninterrupted. 

When we came back from the tour we had lunch. I simply can’t think of words to describe how good it was and I’m sure everyone who was there would agree. 

We then returned to our presentations and got ready to perform. After about 30 minutes, we sat down and watched all the groups perform one by one. Of course my group was last and untill this moment, I really don’t know if I felt nervous or excited to present our work, but it was amazing: I had genuine fun presenting to the group, being asked questions and receiving feedback and I could feel the growth I had made in just those moments. After the presentations ended we sat down again and listened to an apprentice talk about himself, asked questions and understood more about the field and how everything worked.’ Naufal, Year 10