Bread is made.

On Thursday 14 December, Dr Mahmoud kindly organised a cross-curricular enrichment activity involving a bread-making session with 25 Year 8 students, in line with the science curriculum for Year 8, where students have to learn about yeast and how it is used in food production.

Dr Mahmoud wanted to make the project practical and arranged an enrichment activity with the help of Ms Merghani, for students to get to use yeast to make their own bread. The project combined a minds-on approach, learning the theory in science, with the hands-on experience of seeing how yeast is used in bread making.

It was a lovely session and students got really engaged and made various bread shapes. At the end of the day they were allowed to take the bread home and share it with family.

Everyone participated, including our key groups, as part of the Science for All programme where every student can take part in science. Students were highly engaged and learned how science is linked to the everyday activities they come across.

Many thanks to Dr Mahmoud and Ms Merghani for organising this unique activity for our students.

Kindly see below some photos of the bread made by the students: