During the week commencing on 1 November, ACS will be running a range of activities to engage students with COP 26, the UN conference on climate change in Glasgow. ACS wishes to raise awareness of environmental issues, the climate change crisis and the emergency to switch to more sustainable forms of transports to reduce carbon emissions.

On Friday 5th November, ACS is planning a “Cycle or Walk to School Day” to encourage students to walk, scoot or cycle to school. Students will receive “Go Green Route” maps showing greener and safer routes through back roads and local parks where the air quality is better.

ACS students are encouraged to use the “go green routes” to walk or cycle to school regularly in order to improve their health and to reduce traffic congestion and the pressure on overcrowded buses. The most motivated and committed students to cycle to school will get the opportunity to sign up to a cycling scheme (more details to follow).