On Wednesday a group of Year 9 students went to The Kiln Theatre to watch NW Trilogy as part of the delayed Brent 2020: London Borough of Culture programme. The students were incredible and we had many audience members commenting on how wonderful and respectful our students are. As part of the programme, they will be performing at The Kiln themselves at the end of next month. Please see below some of the reviews from the students:

Even if we had to stay over the school’s usual dismissal by over 2 hours, I’d say it was definitely worth it. I am very privileged to have great teachers giving me this great opportunity to see a wonderful play named “NW Trilogy” at the Kiln Theatre in Kilburn. The play was around 2.5 hours long and had 3 parts to it representing 3 different types of cultures in different time zones as immigrants to England (specifically Kilburn). The 3 different cultures represented were the Irish, Jamaican and the South Asian immigrants talking about their struggles and what they’ve faced in London. Personally, I loved the South Asian part of the play as it resonated with me a lot. It was also quite funny to see others saying similar lines we’d usually hear in our household too!  Altogether, the play was superb!
Dishoory 9S

The trip to the Kiln Theatre was very fun and exciting. When we reached the theatre, we first went to the cinema hall where we talked to two people named Ash and Koko. They introduced us to the theatre and the different aspects of it. I found this part really interesting because I found out a lot of things about how a play is made which I didn’t know before. Afterwards, we went to the theatre to watch the play NW Trilogy. The play had three short plays within it, all about how badly immigrants were treated in the 60s and 70s.
Ankul 9Y