On Tuesday 25th April, two teams of our Year 12 students took part in the final of the ‘Artemis Profit Hunt’ challenge run by the Artemis Investment Management bank in Central London.

ACS students at the Artemis Profit Hunt ChallengeThe students have been working on this programme over the past year and it was a unique experience for them to be working with professionals on a real-world  business challenge: investing in the stock market by selecting and then managing a portfolio of 5 stocks.

A huge congratulations goes to “SO15” team who won the ‘Runner Up Portfolio’ Award as they made a 16.0% return on their portfolio, which was only a mere £3,907 behind the winning team. To put this into context the average market return this year was 6%, so the team outperformed the market 2.5 times!

A huge congratulations also goes to “The Speculators” team who won ‘The Best Presentation’ Award.

This particular programme started in 2018 and Alperton students have participated since its inception. Over the past 5 years, fifty-two Alperton students have taken part and
many of them have won the various awards on offer.