Twelve Year 12 students are members of the Brent Youth Ambassador programme which provides young people with an opportunity to learn about leadership, community engagement and social issues. These meetings have been held on a monthly basis throughout the year with other local schools and involve discussions, workshops and activities aimed at developing young people’s skills and knowledge.

The students have had the opportunity to participate in theatre group sessions that have helped them develop their skills and step out of their comfort zone. Each session has been led by members of a theatre group who introduced them to a variety of activities. These activities involved physical movement, improvisation and character creation, allowing the students to explore their creativity and express themselves.

Before each meeting, the students are provided with food and refreshments, which helps them to get comfortable and to provide them with an opportunity to socialise and to get to know other students. This creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that encourages camaraderie among the participants.

One of the games played was similar to “Piggy in the Middle”, where one person standing in the middle would prompt the others to talk about a topic or theme and the students would have to relate to it and switch seats. This encouraged them to think quickly and come up with creative responses. They also played imaginary ball games, where the students could change the size and weight of the ball, adding an element of imagination and playfulness to the activity.

The schools also engaged in activities that helped them to get to know each other by sharing facts about themselves in small groups, which helped to build connections and feel more comfortable with each other. They also used postcards to give advice to fictional characters, drawing on their own experiences and perspectives to offer guidance.

Overall, these activities were not only fun and engaging, but they have also helped the students to develop valuable skills such as teamwork, improvisation, and creative thinking.