On Wednesday, 24th May, 30 Year 12 students went on a tour of Wembley Stadium as part of the Football Association Careers and Mentoring programme that is run by Spark! charity.

The experience not only provided the students with a glimpse into the heart of English Football but also offered a valuable insight into the diverse range of careers within the football industry.

The students received a warm welcome from the Football Association and Spark! charity and the passionate guide accompanied them on the tour providing an introduction to the history and significance of the stadium. The tour included a visit to the player’s tunnel, dressing rooms, the media centre as well as walking on the footsteps of football legends and picturing themselves in the midst of a thrilling match or grand event.

The students gained a real understanding of the wide range of careers available in the football industry and engaged with professionals from different areas of expertise such as journalists, event managers and the marketing department.

We went to the Royal Box, where I imagined myself being a VIP spectator during a football match. The guide then shared captivating stories about numerous celebrities such as The Royals, Boris Johnson and David Beckham. The moment we finally entered the pitch itself, I was overcome with astonishment. I tried to capture the spirit of the memorable football events that had taken place on this beautiful pitch. My visit to Wembley Stadium was an extraordinary experience that will live on in my memory forever.’ Harsh, Y12.