Spectroscopy workshop with scientists from the Imperial College London

On Wednesday, 26th April, three scientists from the Imperial College London delivered a fantastic hands-on workshop to our A-Level Chemistry students, entitled “Spectroscopy in a suitcase”. The workshop explored some of the most common analytical techniques used in the industry and scientific research.

The organisers came equipped with Infra-red and NMR spectrophotometers and set up an analytical lab for the workshop. The students had an excellent opportunity to learn and engage in practical, hand-on work, using some of the most sophisticated analytical instruments currently used in chemical industry and scientific research.

They learnt about the challenges involved in analysing the data obtained using the spectroscopy techniques and their application in real-life scenarios. The students also had an amazing opportunity to learn about careers and university life and look at specific examples about studying at Imperial College London, directly from professionals currently studying and working there.

We wish to thank the Royal Society of Chemistry for funding the event and equipment used in the workshops. The students found the workshops extremely useful, especially that the topics discussed are an important part of the upcoming A-Levels exams.The visitors were very pleased with the level of participation and the motivation shown by our pupils throughout the day.