Our successful EAL Induction Celebration Evening

Our Year 7 EAL Induction Parents’ Information & Celebration Evening was held on 3 October at our new school on Ealing Road.

The parents of EAL students who accessed the two weeks Induction Programme in September were invited to attend this evening. The rationale for the evening was to reward students for their work during the intervention programme and also to provide key information to parents about the school and their child’s learning in lessons.

The students and parents who joined us on the evening are quite new to the country, so we provided them with important information about UK education and how to apply for free school meals. They were also informed about the available interventions and clubs at our school that their child could attend to ensure that they achieve as high as the rest of the students in their year group.

We had 99% parent attendance to this event and our HLTA communicated with parents in their first language to ensure that everyone understood the information given to them.

The evening was also a great opportunity for us to celebrates with the students and parents our fantastic achievement of being awarded the IQM flagship for Inclusions.

Many thanks to our amazing EAL team for organising such a successful event and ensuring that parents had an informative and inspirational evening.