Sixth Form Open Evening, Thursday 30 November

We invite all prospective students and parents to our Open Evening, on Thursday 30 November, 6pm-8pm at our Stanley Avenue site.

Our Open Evening  is a great opportunity for prospective students to meet our staff and students whilst exploring the Sixth Form facilities we have to offer.

Sixth form subject teachers will be providing advice and guidance on the wide range of subjects we have on offer, answering any questions you may have about your chosen course options and the sixth form application process.

You will meet students from both Year 12 and 13 and find out what it is like to be a Sixth Form student at Alperton Community School.

This is also a great opportunity for you to meet some of our Alumni students who can give you an insight into the next steps and university life.

Our student ambassadors will be giving students tours throughout the evening and there will be opportunities to find out more about each of the subjects you are interested in.

This year, our students exceeded all expectations in the A Level examinations, achieving results that are significantly higher than national results.

Our students were awarded 60 A* and A grades, with almost half of the examinations being awarded A*, A or B grades. As a result, more than a third of our A level students were accepted onto degree courses at a prestigious Russell Group university.

Students from Alperton Community School are now represented in the following Russell Group universities: London School of Economics, Imperial College, Manchester University, Bristol University, University College London, Kings College London, Queen Mary University London.

We make our students’ ambitions become a reality through mentoring and an individual programme of support. When you join our Sixth Form you are not only enrolling in your academic courses, but into a school that will provide you with lots of challenges to ensure you get to where you want to be.

Omaima Ali (A*A*A*) who achieved her lifetime ambition to train to become a doctor began her course in Medicine at Oxford University in September.  Omaima said “I have really enjoyed all my time at Alperton Community School. The teachers really care about us and push us hard to achieve our ambitions”.

James Simkins (A*A*A*A) and Shahir Ahmadi (A*A*A) both went to Cambridge University.  James is studying a degree in Chemical Engineering while Shahir is studying Natural Sciences.  James said “I am so proud of my results and the results of my friends.  I would like to thank the teachers who helped me to achieve my dreams”.

Brent Young Carers visit Alperton

On Wednesday 18 October, Vicky and Simone from Brent Young Carers team visited our year 7 and year 8 students and talked about what a young carer is and what support Brent Young Carers can offer. The assembly was very informative and the students really enjoyed the experience.

Please see below our photo gallery.



Stitch and Knit Show at Alexandra Palace

On 12 October our Year 9 and Year 10 students went on a trip to Stitch and Knit Show at Alexandra Palace. The students really enjoyed the trip, which consisted of hundreds of workshops, demonstrations, interactive features and professionally curated galleries.

Almost 60 students went to see Textile and Craft artists and graduates from all over the UK. Our students were fantastic – polite, confident and inquisitive! Many thanks to all staff that helped organising the event and to our school for funding this trip.

Fantastic Open Evening at Alperton School

Dear Parents/ Carers of Y5 and Y6 students,

We opened our doors to record numbers of families at our Open evening on 27th September. Have a look at some of the comments made by the children and their parents below. We are pleased that so many families have given us such positive feedback and have let us know that we are their first choice school. If you are fortunate enough to be offered a place at our school, we are sure that your child will ‘Aspire, Commit and Succeed’ in their learning journey with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office if you have any questions.

Best wishes
Mrs Indira Warwick

Deputy Headteacher 

Please see below some of the comments received from the students and parents that have visited our school.

What subjects did you like the most and why?

Byron Court

Te’ondre (WINNER)
Music – I do a lot of Music at school and I really want to learn an instrument. Library – I like reading books. History – I liked learning about Black history. Biology – I liked learning about the parts of the body.

Anais (WINNER)
Music – I love music and I play three instruments. English – we had to solve a mystery and it was really fun.
French – the game was fun and challenging. Chemistry – I loved the toothpaste experiment.

Food Tech – the dishes were simple to make and really tasty. Library – there are a range of books. Spanish – work is nice and challenging. Social Sciences – I enjoy learning about the brain.

Perivale Primary

I loved the English-crime scene.

I loved PE- I tried rowing and table tennis. These are my favourite sports.

Vicky Phan
I loved the Art Room as it has lots of good Art!

Vandana  (WINNER)
I enjoyed Drama and Music – I might study them in the future. I enjoyed ICT and EAL – these will help me in my future. I loved Maths – it is fun calculating things.

Lyons Park

PE because it helped my muscles relax and Spanish because I like learning new languages.

Food because of the excellent Pizza!

Art because we saw a professional artist at work and he is the Head of Art and he was great.

Hershy (WINNER)
Food because you get to make delicious food, DT because you can make products and give them to your family, Gujarati because you get to learn a new language and the Social Sciences as I like all sciences!

Shan & Yash
Food – I like making it and eating it! ICT – I like all kinds of technology.

ICT because I feel like I am good at it and I will get even better if I go to ACS!

Canteen because it makes delicious energy food, ICT because I can get information to answer all my questions, Gujarati because it is my favourite language after English.

Drama it is what I like as I enjoy performing, Art because I love drawing and Maths because of all the methods you learn to solve problems.

Vevek B (WINNER)
ICT – because I always enjoy going on the computer and I want to join ICT club at ACS.  History – you can learn about famous people who changed the world.


ICT – because I am very good at it. PE – because I want to be a PE Teacher. History – because I know a lot about it. Maths – I just love it!

My favourites are Music, French and Chemistry. I can’t wait to start learning them
if I get a place at ACS.

PE – I want to be an expert at it. ICT – I am really good at it. History – I want to learn more.
Maths – because I really like it!

Jashvijay (WINNER)
ICT – you get to learn through playing. I’m looking forward to joining loads of
clubs and doing more of the sports on offer.

English – it has really supportive teachers and students get to do fun activities.

Varan Rakesh
Music – I have always liked this because it’s fun. ICT – I am very good at computing.
Geography – I answered most of the questions asked.

Maths – I am good at it.

Farris (WINNER)
Music – I did a duet (Ode to Joy) and really enjoyed it.  English – it was fun and there is so much to learn. History was fun because it was very interactive.

Brentfield Primary

Natasha (WINNER)
Media – I know I will enjoy it. Maths – there will be fun problems to solve.
I also liked the Headteacher’s speech – it really inspired me.  

Science – I love it.

Stonebridge Primary

Music – I love to play music.

English – it was fun. I saw interesting things.

Maths – I love to do maths.

Food – it looks like great fun.

Vicars Green

Music and DT- I love it.

North Ealing

Sara  (WINNER)
English – I love Shakespeare! Maths – I enjoy learning and the teachers here are great!

Kingsbury Green

Murtadha (WINNER)
Food Technology – it was yummy. ICT – we used microchips to make robots.


Rebecca (WINNER)
PE – I like PE as it is fun. English – was exciting and I learned a lot. French – I learned a different language.
Chemistry – I did the elephant toothpaste experiment and it was amazing!

Drama – it is my favourite subject. I like to watch Drama shows. The library looks like a really good place to read and I love reading. Chemistry – I liked the experiments.

Park Lane Primary

Ceralel  (WINNER)
History/Geography – I enjoyed the quiz. I really liked the Physics/Chemistry/Biology and the science technicians were really supportive of us.

Ark Academy

Anaya (WINNER)
Drama – they do really different things in Drama. English – I like writing stories and performing.

Sudbury Primary

Ahlaam (WINNER)
French – I played the game and won! – I enjoyed it.

Selbourne Primary

Ravedah (WINNER)
ICT – I enjoyed the games.

Oakington Manor

Angela (WINNER)
Maths – it is my favourite subject.

Kayleigh (WINNER)
ICT – you get to play games and learn new things.

Presentation evening 2017

Yesterday evening was a brilliant evening for our students, staff, governors and special guests, who gathered together for our annual Presentation Evening to celebrate the excellent achievements of our students in the 2017 examinations. This year’s GCSE and A Level results exceeded all expectations and we are extremely proud of our students and their successes. Continue reading