Alperton wins Green Plan It competition for the second consecutive year

On Wednesday 13th December after a ‘long’ three months of lunchtime and after school work Alperton’s Creative Society and Alperton’s Alpertizers presented their final models and presentations to the judges at Capel Manor National ‘Green Plan It’ event. The event involved the students planting up their own planters which we brought back to school with us and presenting the model to the judges.

The creative genius of the Alperton Creative Society prevailed and won the judges over with their ideas about opening a pop-up shop to give students work experience and pick their own strawberries on Sundays. These ideas as well as a sample of homemade butternut squash soup made our students win the Most Innovative Design. The year 9 group – Alperton Alpertizers – were highly commended by the judges for the innovative ideas and details in their design.

Many thanks to Sonia Kennedy for working with the year 9 group, Sally McDonald for accompanying us to the competition and David Fernandez for his amazing design ideas. Thanks to Mrs Zafirakou and Mrs Manderson for giving the students some judging panel experience.  Also thanks to our volunteer mentors from the landscape architecture field Mr Barrie Duesbury and Mr Chris Moss.

Barrie Duesbury, a lecturer at Berkshire college has expressed an interest to advise us on our gardening club when a plot is assigned to us in the newly renovated landscaped area at the school.

Thanks for all the support and well done to the Most Innovative Idea Team – Zeeshan Choudry, (captain) Najma Ali, Hamdi Kulane and Sana Mehreban (and her big sister Lina for helping us) and the year 9 team: Amina Arwa Abuallahi, Diyana Kitendrakumar, Priyal Nilesh, Purvi Ramniclal, Nabiha Shaikh and Nimca Shurrow.