Last week our Year 8 students had the opportunity to visit an architectural studio near the Ealing Road canal. The students really enjoyed the trip and below you can read some comments about their experience. Many thanks to Ms Joshi for organising the event.

The trip has been very Interesting as it has made me think about the possible industries I would like to get a job in.  The trip has been very useful to know about the day in the life of an architect and has widened my knowledge about architecture and to know the possible industries that you can work in and what they do.” – Preet  

“The trip was a great experience to learn about the endless opportunities Architectural  career can have. I enjoyed seeing all the different elements that are put into one project.”- Nikki

It was very fun. We got to learn a lot of how houses are structured and how they build it. We also got to ask them questions that we were doubting about. They showed and told us about many machineries that help to cut wood. I will go there again.”  Sibal

“I found the trip to architectural studio very fun and also very interesting because I got to know how they use different types of machines to cut the wood into letters and shapes for models and also how they make maps for houses.” Juhil