Year 10 students at the SEGRO’s Heathrow Cargo CentreOn Wednesday, 24th April, ten Year 10 students visited SEGRO’s Heathrow Cargo Centre located at Heathrow Airport. The trip served as a follow-up to a previous workshop students had attended earlier in the year, which explained what SEGRO is and the types of industries and careers available for students if they worked for this particular company, such as logistics, property and construction.

Heathrow Cargo Centre is one of the busiest cargo hubs in the world and students learned about the logistics of global trade, including how goods are transported, stored and processed at a major international airport.

The students even got a behind-the-scenes look at the operations, including how packages are loaded onto planes and shipped to destinations all around the world.

Our student, Pinak, said ‘SEGRO is one of the most enjoyable and helpful trips that I have ever been on. I was so excited to see the warehouse that was filled with people working hard and seeing packages coming in from different countries around the world. The staff were so nice and friendly and I am so glad that I attended this trip and I would definitely go again. At the end of the tour, we were given food and bags to take home with us.’

Overall, the trip was both educational and exciting for the students, giving them a real world glimpse into the complex systems that keep global commerce moving, as well as all of the different careers that are available with SEGRO.