On Wednesday 5th of June, 65 of our Year 10 triple science students took part in a unique workshop run by the UK Space Academy. Many thanks to our science teacher Dr Mahmood for his tremendous efforts to secure our school a place for this highly sought event.

The workshop was run by Mr Mobbs, who explored with the students fascinating topics related to space, including careers available in the sector besides being an astronaut (e.g. space lawyer amongst many others).

Student wearing astronaut suit and UK Space Academy guestThe students also had the opportunity to see samples from moon and learned about various space missions and were very fortunate to have the chance to see first-hand a real astronaut suit, which was worn by one of our students.

Towards the end of the workshop, the students were taught how to make space rockets and  then launched them outside to conclude the day.

Everyone really enjoyed the event and we are very thankful to Mr Mobbs and the National Space Academy for delivering such an interesting and engaging workshop for our students.

Stay tuned for our June-July edition of the STEM newsletter to learn more about how our students found the experience.