Our Year 11 and Year 12 Most Able students attended two informative and inspirational presentations, delivered by students from Jesus College, University of Cambridge. They learned about life at university, prospects for future employment and the advantages of studying for a degree at Cambridge University.

The Year 11 presentation focused on encouraging students to think carefully about what they would like to study at university, taking into account course structure, teaching style, examinations and later employment prospects. Our pupils were told to think carefully about their A-level choices in relation to the course and university choice. The presentation also highlighted the importance of exploring extra-curricular activities.

Our Year 12 pupils were given an overview of the application process at Cambridge, and how it differs from other universities. The presentation discussed the academic strengths that Cambridge are looking for in students, as well as offering practical advice on what students can be doing now to strengthen their applications. This included underlining what Cambridge admission tutors are looking for in a personal statement and how this may differ from other top universities. Pupils were also offered an insight in to the interview process and what happens after the interview. Both presentations also included a Q&A session, which helped to address issues relating to accommodation, finance and life at university.

Many thanks to Jesus College, University of Cambridge, for delivering these truly inspirational and informative presentations. We hope to encourage more of our Most Able cohort to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and become Oxbridge students.