On 5th July 46 students who regularly attend the Science club after school, went to a day trip to Woburn Safari Park.

It was a very successful trip which allowed students to consolidate their understanding of food chains, food webs, breeding programmes and conservation of animals. The weather was really great and the students thoroughly enjoyed the day out and their behaviour was exemplary.

We had very good comments from other visitors and from the safari`s managers too. Another school leader approached us during lunch and commented “Just want to say how lovely your students are. We were inquisitive about their ties and what all the different colours meant and they were so polite answering our questions. You have some lovely students!”

“The science trip to Woburn Safari Park was a very pleasant experience. This opportunity has led me to open up and enhance my knowledge of animals more. Thank you for Alperton Staff for allowing for to be part of this experience! Please include this statements from students about the science club safari park trip” (Student, Year 10P)

“By going on the safari trip I feel I have learnt a lot about habitats and animals, especially from the guide the school arranged for us. The trip really made my academic year a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the staff for allowing for me to be part of the trip.” (Student, Year 10V)

“This was the best trip at Alperton. The school arranged a wide range of activities and workshops, it has really brought me an unforgettable experience. With the presence of the personal guide assigned to our group, we’ve learned many interesting and valuable information. Many thanks to the teachers for organising this.” (Student, Year 10V)