Last week, the Year 13 Politics students and the Year 12 Health and Social Care students visited the House of Parliament. The students participated in a workshop on law making which they found very useful and were able to watch a debate from the public gallery.

They also had a tour of the Parliament which was very exciting and as they were leaving they had the opportunity to meet Ian Blackford, leader of SNP in the House of Commons. Ian stopped to speak with the students and they managed to get a picture with him! The students were ecstatic about this. Please see below some of their comments:

The Parliament trip was beneficial to us as Health and Social Care students – in class we had learnt about certain health and social care legislation, but on this trip we were able to get a greater insight on how these legislations and laws are passed in parliament and how the process works. We watched the minister’s questions with the Home Secretary of State for Defence, and saw and learned more about the history of parliament. We had a really fun tour guide who helped make our experience memorable and enjoyable through active engagement. In addition to this, the workshop at the end also helped us learn more about how laws are passed in the House of Commons and House of Lords and gave us information we didn’t know before. (Samira)

The trip to the Parliament was an enlightening experience not just Politics students but also for us, Health and Social Care students. As a Health and Social care student, I learnt about many legislations related to our subject,  so it was a  good opportunity to find out more about the context in which these legislations are passed and who makes them. The tour guide was engaging and friendly, and the minister’s question time we had the opportunity to witness in the chambers made the experience very memorable. Furthermore, the workshop after our tour gave us an interesting insight into what it is like to be a MP, which helped to broaden our understanding of the processes that laws have to go through to be passed. (Muna)

As a Health and Social Care student, my class and I greatly benefited from the trip because in class we learnt 15 legislations specific to health and social care. Laws and policies are guidelines for healthcare professions highlighting their responsibilities. Furthermore, laws are made to meet the needs of the people and protect them. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to see the people in control of making and passing laws and we were also taught the procedures involved in this process. The things we learnt benefit us beyond our subjects as they are general knowledge that we need in life. By the end of the trip I had a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities individuals who rule our country have and how members of the public can interact and share ideas with the parliament. It was also lovely seeing Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and some other historical landmarks during our visit. (Hodan)