The month of March has been an exceptionally busy one for fundraising at ACS. The team was able to organise, prepare and execute an excellent and highly successful charity collection for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. Through advertising during form time, daily briefings and posters around the whole school, our Whole community of teachers and students came together to show astounding support for this amazing cause. We managed to raise £429.95 towards helping the poorest, most disadvantaged people in the UK and as well as some of the world’s poorest communities.

Many students were able to join in and show their support for the event by either wearing an item of red clothing or buying red noses and bracelets. Many others showed their eagerness to help by donating regardless of whether they took part or not due to their thoughtfulness and desire to help the unfortunate.

The Comic Relief Charity was deeply appreciative of our donations as a whole school and we hope to work with them again in the future. Well done to all the volunteers and the fundraising team!