Congratulation to our Y12 students who won the Profit Hunt Challenge competition earlier this month. The competition was organised by Arrival Education in collaboration with Investec, an International Investment Bank. As part of the challenge the students were required to create a presentation about their stock and personal gain made throughout the programme so far and competed with students from other schools in London.

The students who participated in the program are: Esther Engola, Pankti Pranlal, Diyana Jitendrakumar and Adelina Ciobanu (“Innovative Investors” Team) and Vishal Gandhi, Neil Ramgi, Prem Nai, Dhruv Rajendrakumar and Ethan Dias (“FIVE Star Investors” Team).

Both teams did very well and the “Innovative Investors” won the competition with a very slick and well-researched presentation about their Morderna stock. Congratulations to all students for the commitment and resilience shown throughout the program which started in November and has run all the way through lockdown.