On Tuesday, 1st February, Alperton Community School welcomed back two very distinguished former pupils, Dr Jason Seewoodhary who attended Alperton in the 1990s, and Sonal Halai who attended Alperton in the 2000s.

Jason currently works as a GP in Richmond and as a hospital doctor in Hillingdon Hospital where he specialises in diabetes and endocrinology, obstetrics and gynaecology, and has completed research into STEM cells and molecular biology. Sonal went on to become a quantity surveyor. Her current projects include the refurbishment of apartments in Knightsbridge and a number of new builds in Sudbury.

On their arrival at Ealing Road they were met by two Year 9 students, Russell and Safaa, along with Mr Rayleigh who gave them a full tour of our new building. The students asked them many questions about their current roles and what they could remember about attending the school.

After lunch, they both had some photos taken in front of our new school school and then walked across to Stanley Avenue. Our two new Assistant Head girls, Rafiatu and Ilayda, met the guests and gave them a full tour of the upper site school.

Then each of them gave a careers talk to 20 sixth formers in the Stanley Avenue library. Both talks were hugely inspirational and informative and it was so great for the students to hear from people who had attended this very school. Jason made the point that anyone can achieve straight As in their A-levels, they just have to work hard and ensure that they continuously ask for help and support from their amazing teachers and put 110% in to their studying.

Before they departure Jason and Sonal were formally presented by Mr McKenna with a thank you card, a piece of art produced by our students, a Poem Anthology book written by Alperton students and staff and chocolates.

It was yet another truly remarkable day welcoming back such wonderful former students who were extremely complimentary about our school. Jason wrote to say “it was an honour and privilege to contribute to our school. What an amazing school you have – I was really impressed by the excellent educational facilities you have and by your wonderful students and the new building”.