At the end of November, our Year 9 and Year 10 students were presented with assemblies themed around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The aim of these assemblies was to provide valuable insights into the field of STEM, career opportunities in STEM, and more specifically, to drive interest and engagement in the subject of Physics.

The assemblies were presented collectively by Mr. Lazaroo, STEM coordinator and Physics teacher at Alperton Community School, Mr. Ravindran, Engineer in the Railway Industry, and Mr. Ramanathan, researcher in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Mr. Lazaroo spoke to the students about the fundamental role of engineering and how it can provide solutions to real-life problems. He discussed the key skills and knowledge required by engineers (some of which are currently being taught in the classroom) and demonstrated how these skills can be used in his field of work, in tandem with other engineering disciplines.

Mr. Ramanathan followed up by showcasing exciting career pathways which aspiring students could pursue through the subject of Physics. He emphasized the links in the academic route between high school to further education and finally to higher education, which enables students to branch into an array of careers surrounding infrastructure, transportation, medicine, film, software and numerous other exciting fields of activity.

Both speakers were given a tour of the school and had the opportunity to discuss with some of the students about their engagement with Physics. The guests also assisted Mr. Lazaroo with a number of Physics demonstrations in the classroom, providing students with further knowledge and understanding of the subject.