Valencia Trip 2017

Our trip to Valencia this year was absolutely fantastic. Our students had a lot of fun  and they really enjoyed the Spanish culture and weather.

They took part in activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, top trees, zip-lining and also numerous language exchange activities with our partners schools in Valencia. During the trip our students behaved incredible well and had a great time experiencing new challenges.

This has been the most amazing trip for me so far, because we got to travel abroad to Spain. We did lots of fun activities like orientating,(we got really lost) and kayaking(my favourite)I wish to come here again!. 
Jani, Year 7 

The Spanish trip was amazing.The things I loved about Spain were meeting new people and having a conversation with them  in Spanish and doing activities. 
Nimisha, Year 9 

This trip was really fun and it helped me make new friends and overcome some of my fears. Overall, the trip was an amazing experience.
Reina, Year 7

We got to make new friends, learn about their culture and put our skills to the test.I would like if Spanish people came to London next time.
Adelina, Year 8

This has been one of the best trips ever because we went abroad and we have done a lot of activities and we had nice rooms and the other school was very kind.  Can’t wait to go back next year
Ricardo, Year 7