Last week Year 5 pupils from our main feeder primary schools were treated to a variety of activities and lessons as part of our Year 5 Taster Days. All the sessions delivered by Alperton staff were very well received by our year 5 pupils coming from the following primary schools: Oakington Manor, Lyon Park, Barham Primary and Vicar’s Green. We were particularly proud of how well our staff collaborated in order to accommodate the needs of the excited year 5 pupils.

Our students who welcomed the year 5s were a real credit to the school. All the primary staff were impressed and many pupils commented that they would go home and tell their parents that they wish to make Alperton their first choice of secondary school. The highlights of this week was witnessing the smiling faces of every child who left us at the end of their exclusive day. If your child contributed in any way to this week, please congratulate them for being a shining example for the younger pupils and for making us very proud.

Below are a few extracts from the feedback we received from the primary school staff: 

“On behalf of the year 5 children and staff I would like to thank you for yesterday’s taster day. The children all came back with big smiles and couldn’t tell me enough about how much they enjoyed their day.”

 “The staff found it very interesting from a CPD point of view as well which is fantastic.” 

“Thank you for organising such a wonderful day for our children. They all had a wide range of experiences which they can’t stop talking about!”

“The staff at your school were so patient with our children which made them feel less overwhelmed by being in such a big building with big children!”

“The timings were perfect and the choice of subjects and their contents were just right for our children. In addition to this, I was in awe of your children at Alperton and how kind they are when they see visitors.”

“The helpers you had were like little guardian angels in the corridor, quietly assisting us on our way when we got lost!”

“ I really enjoyed my day and can say the same for the rest of the staff too.”