On Tuesday 26 April, one hundred and twenty Alperton students had the privilege of visiting The Official Nelson Mandela Exhibition currently taking place at Leake Street Gallery, London. The exhibition gave the students an insight into the personal life of the world’s most iconic freedom fighter and political leader.

Through the numerous galleries and artefacts on display, the students were taken back in time to the rural childhood home of Nelson Mandela, and follow him through the years of struggles against apartheid regime and the global celebration of his release after 27 years in prison. The students found the exhibition truly inspirational and educational and were deeply impressed by some of the items on display: “The artefacts were so lifelike that it felt like I was standing next to Nelson Mandela himself.”







Being inspired by the exhibition, our students wanted to share an inspirational video with their colleagues and have put together a presentation about their experience at the exhibition:

You can click here to download the PDF file.