On Thursday, 6th of February, Alperton Media students visited The Guardian Foundation Education Centre. They took part in an exciting media workshop and learned how to create a broadsheet newspaper front page using Mac computers and Adobe InDesign.

The students worked in pairs and were required to use a number of skills throughout the workshop to complete the task – they made editorial decisions, worked towards tight deadlines and carried out additional research online, to ensure the related information was correct.

The students completed their stories by the end of the the day and even managed to impress the organisers.

Miss Patel, Head of Media Studies at Alperton Community School, was very proud of the students and said: “It was clear that they were really enjoying themselves, whilst also gaining experience and knowledge of the industry. By being producers themselves, it will give our students a better understanding of bias within the press and the intentions of media companies when targeting their audience.”

Please click here to check out the article on BBC Young Reporter blog written by our students.