At the beginning of October we welcomed to our school two world leading lecturers Dr Phillips(Physics) and Dr Chianello(Chemistry) from Queen Mary University of London to deliver masterclass workshops in physics and chemistry to 50 of our triple science Year 11 students.

The workshops addressed high quality research that stretched and challenged our students. The topics covered ranged from condensed matter physics to the importance of energy in heating our food. The lectures also included a career talk, giving students the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about what they could do with a physics or chemistry degree.

Feedback post-work was overwhelmingly positive. 80% of respondents said they enjoyed both workshops; 93.8% of students said they saw physics differently, beyond equations and abstract concepts; 87.6% said they will spend more time revising physics after attending the masterclass; while for chemistry, 85.7% said they saw chemistry differently beyond reactions and abstract concepts and 71.4% said they will spend more time revising chemistry after attending the masterclass.

Dr Mahmoud (Physics and Chemistry teacher)