On Friday 5th July, fourteen excited Y7 and 8 students made their way to Lord’s Cricket Ground to be a part of the Cricket World Cup match between Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students, as not only were they going to watch the game, they had also been invited to stand with the players on the field during the national anthems. It was exciting to see them standing smart in the new kit they were given and smiling as the cameras scanned across their faces. Most likely they didn’t realise that millions of people would’ve been watching them across the globe on TV!

After the anthems, they were all able to take our seats and enjoying watching the game, getting involved in the chants, the friendly banter between teams, and doing mexican waves. At half time the students had a second chance to be in the limelight as they were taken to the field to play some games in front of the crowd. Some of the students even managed to hit a few balls into the crowd! Overall it was a fantastic day and one which I’m sure the students will never forget.