Pastoral Managers deal with attendance, behaviour, and pastoral welfare issues. They are responsible for the induction of new school students. We support and work with pupils and families to maximise learning for individual pupils. We also contribute to the development of a ‘whole school’ approach to overcome learning obstacles and improve pupil participation in classrooms and throughout school life.

ACS Pastoral Team
Year 7 Ms Green Tel: 020 8902 2038 (ext 307)


Year 8 Ms Lucas Tel: 020 8902 2038 (ext 308)


Year 9 Ms Alexander Tel: 020 8902 2038 (ext 309)


KS4 PM – Ms Bailey (Email:
Year 10 Ms Ranasinghe Tel: 020 8902 2038 (ext 210)


Year 11 Mr Varvias Tel: 020 8902 2038 (ext 211)


Attendance Administrator
Year 7-11 Ms Dass Tel: 020 8902 2038 (ext 125)
Y12 & Y13 Ms Palmer Tel: 020 8902 2038 (ext 212)


Pastoral Team

Ms Bailey

Mrs Bailey is one of our longest serving PMs and she has extensive experience of working with students, teachers, parents and other external agencies.  Mrs Bailey will be assisting our KS3 students in all aspects of their life at school and beyond, ensuring their smooth transition into secondary school education.


Ms Ranasinghe

Ms Ranasinghe has expert knowledge of working with children from KS3 to KS5 and has maintained positive relationships with both students and staff. Ms Ranasinghe prides herself on being organised and meticulous so all tasks are completed to the utmost standard. She is happy to support you in making sure your child reaches their full potential and is always available to lend a helping hand.


 Mr Varvias

Mr V has expert knowledge of working with children and can support you with strategies in class and support the development of positive relationships with students. Mr V is also a PE teacher and is extremely competitive, an attribute that our students love. He holds the staff record for rowing & table tennis – even beating the PE team!

Mrs Lucas

Mrs Lucas prides herself in applying a holistic, person-centred approach when dealing with students, looking at the wholeness of the person. She values working in partnership to help them achieve the highest and the best outcome. She thrives on helping students overcome obstacles and she fully believes in empowering students to become confident in their lifelong learning journey.

Ms Green

Ms Green has a passion to help young people succeed. She helps them recognise and release their full potential in the classroom with the aim of creating a more positive attitude towards themselves and their learning. Her calm demeanor has guaranteed her the status of ‘mother’ of the year group and the students hold her in the highest regard.

Ms Alexander

Ms Alexander is an experienced member of our pastoral team. She has excellent relationships with students and parents and will be happy to offer any assistance you may need. She is empathetic, kind and she prides herself on her ability to relate to young people, having excellent listening and communication skills. She will be assisting our KS4 students in all aspects of their life at school and beyond.

Ms Palmer

Ms Maan is the Pastoral Manager for the sixth form.  She has great communication skills and possesses a positive outlook on life, inspiring students to achieve the best they can. She will be assisting our sixth from students with any guidance and advice they may need throughout their studies.

Ms Dass

Ms Dass is our Attendance Administrator. Her expert knowledge on SIMs and her excellent ability to challenge has seen a significant rise in student attendance over the past academic year. Ms Dass works with Parents and also external agencies to ensure our target of 97% attendance for all students. If you have any concerns about students in your form please don’t hesitate to contact Ms Dass. “Education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world. By attending school regularly students are more likely to succeed academically. Beyond all the figures, it is my responsibility to promote high levels of attendance so that students receive access to the best possible education. Every day counts!”