It is very important that all our students benefit from 190 days of learning to ensure they make progress and achieve the results they should.  To report an absence, you MUST:

1. Inform the school via telephone/email/text before 9am with a valid reason.

Telephone: 020 8902 2038 (select option 4)

2. Provide a written note and hand to the Attendance Officer.

What is the difference between authorised and unauthorised absence?

Authorised Absence is an absence that has been agreed by the school in advance, or justified after, for a pupil of compulsory school age.

Unauthorised Absence is an absence for which the school has not been provided with a reason, or for which the reason provided is unsatisfactory.

Reasons that may be authorised:

The Department of Education has stated that the school may authorise an absence for one of the following reasons:

  • If a child has a medical appointment or legitimate meeting
  • Too unwell to come to school
  • Undertake a religious observance
  • Close family bereavement

Attendance Ladder

What Parents can do to help children achieve high levels of attendance:

  • Ensure your child goes to bed early and wakes up on time ready to learn
  • Encourage your child to pack everything the night before
  • Remind your child about the importance of attending school
  • Arrange appointments (medical, hospital, dentist, GP) out of school hours, when possible

If your child is persistently absent there will be involvement from the Education Welfare Service with the possibility of a fine up to £1,000.


Term time holidays


Time keeping is important and will be monitored by the Attendance Officer. When your child is late to school they will receive a lunchtime detention on the day.