The Department for Education published guidance for the full opening of schools on 2 July 2020. The guidance states the Government plan “that all pupils, in all year groups, will return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term.”

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A key feature of the guidance is that children should be kept in smaller groups or “bubbles” as much as possible. For many subjects, particularly at Key Stage 3, students will be taught in their form class. However, in order for us to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum we will allow limited mixing to take place within year groups e.g. GCSE Option subjects, but we will prevent mixing between year groups.

This page explains how we have used the Government guidance to make changes to our normal school procedures in order to keep children safe during the school day.

Arrival and Social/Play Areas

At Ealing Road, each year group will have a separate entrance. Year 7 students will enter the school premises by the gates next to the Children’s Centre. Year 7 will have access to the canopy area to the rear of the building as well as the Middle and Upper MUGAs. Year 8 and 9 will enter through the main gates on Ealing Road but will follow different paths through the Plaza area. Year 8 will have access to the front of the school building and the Lower MUGA at social times. Year 9 will move along a separate path to the main playground. This means all three year groups will have distinct and separate social spaces.

At Stanley Avenue, Year 10 and 11 students will enter the school premises by the main student entrance, but will follow separate paths to the two distinct playground areas.

Sixth Form students will be able to enter the Ealing Road building at the start of the day and will be able to use the new Sixth Form Cafe area on the ground floor. Similarly, Sixth Form students arriving early at Stanley Avenue will be able to use the new Sixth Form Cafe in T007.

Please note that the current Government guidance states that staff and students should remove face coverings when they arrive at school.


Registration will begin at 8:30am every day. This means that every student should be on site and ready for registration at 8:30am, therefore children arriving at school at 8:30am are late.

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will line up in register order in their social area. They will be walked to their form room by their form tutors. At Ealing Road, Year 7 will have exclusive use of the North Stairs, Year 8 the Central Stairs and Year 9 the West Stairs.

At Stanley Avenue, registration will also begin at 8:30am in the playground. Year 10 will use the Central Staircase at Stanley Avenue.

Sixth Form students will make their own way to registration following social distancing protocols.

Both Ealing Road and Stanley Avenue have simple and well-signposted one way systems to ensure students do not pass each other in corridors.

The School Day

We have slightly modified our school day to allow a longer break and shorter lunchtime. This will give students more time to enjoy our new catering facilities and allow a little more time for staff and children who need to commute between sites.

Please note that year groups have different finish times and our Monday school day is different to the other days of the week. As mentioned previously, we have not changed the amount of teaching time – the amount of teaching time has not changed from last year.


Every classroom will have a hand sanitising unit. All students are expected to sanitise their hands on the way into class and on their way out of class. We have been advised that all student tables should face the front of the class with a gap of at least 2 metres to the teacher.

At Ealing Road, most lessons will take place in the form room (English, maths, science theory, history, geography and religious studies). In other words, the teacher will come to the form room, rather than the students move around the building. This means that students will be expected to stand in silence when their teacher enters the room. The teacher will indicate when it is appropriate for the children to sit and the lesson to begin. For some practical lessons, the teacher may decide to take the class to a specialist practical room e.g. art, computing, drama, music, practical science and sport. In these lessons, students are expected to wait in their form room until they are collected by their teacher and then follow the clearly labelled one way system. Students will be taught languages in specialist groups, but students will not be allowed to move around the Ealing Road site unaccompanied. Year 7 will be based on floor 3, year 8 on floor 2 and year 9 on the first floor and ground floor.

At Stanley Avenue students will also follow a one way system when they move around the building. At lesson changeover, Year 11 students will move on the first bell and Year 10 students will move on the second bell. This means the two year groups will be kept apart during lesson changeover.

Year 12 and 13 students will be allowed to move around the building, provided they follow the one way system and maintain appropriate social distancing.

Personal Equipment and Specialist Teaching Rooms

Students are required to bring their own essential equipment as set out in ‘Preparing for September 2020 – Information Sheet 1’. Students will not be allowed to share basic equipment, so it is very important for parents to regularly check their child’s equipment. Specialist equipment e.g, paints and brushes in art, laboratory equipment in science, keyboards in music will be distributed to individuals and not shared by classmates. Specialist equipment will be thoroughly cleaned at lesson changeover if it will be used by a different class. In some subjects we will modify the curriculum to adhere to Government guidelines e.g. singing and choirs are no longer permitted and most sport lessons are likely to take place outdoors.

Break and Lunch Time

We will offer a range of food for all students at both break and lunchtime, including drinks, snacks and hot meals.

At Ealing Road, each of the three year groups will have their own serving and seating arrangements. Year 7 students will have exclusive access to the serving outlet in the canopy area, Year 8 will be the only year group purchasing food from the JBIC.  Year 9 will have access to the canteen. Over time, we hope to move to a system where increasing numbers of students will be able to use the canteen facilities.

At Stanley Avenue, each year group will have separate queuing and seating arrangements in the canteen at Stanley Avenue. We are pleased to say that we have recently expanded the size of the Stanley Avenue canteen so that it has a much greater capacity.

At Ealing Road, each year group has been allocated the toilets nearest to form rooms. The Year 7 toilets are on floor 3, Year 8 on floor 2 and Year 9 on floor 1.  Strict social distancing arrangements will be in place for students using toilets at Stanley Avenue.

We recommend that students have a warm, waterproof jacket ready for the autumn term. This is because it will be much safer for students to be outside in slightly colder or damper conditions than they would be inside the building.

Leaving the School Site

The end of the day has been staggered to ensure that students leave the school site at different times and therefore do not mix.

At Ealing Road, students will follow one of three routes to leave the site. If students are walking home or collecting a bicycle to ride home, they should leave through the main entrance and plaza regardless of year group. If they are waiting for younger siblings or are waiting to be collected by car, they should wait in the designated zone in the plaza area. In September we will ask parents whether they are happy for their children to use public transport. Children catching a bus northwards towards Wembley will be required to queue for the bus INSIDE the school site alongside the Children’s Centre. When the bus arrives at Alperton Stop B they will be escorted to the bus stop by a member of staff. Children catching a bus towards Ealing and Perivale will need to wait inside the main entrance until they are ushered across the Ealing Road by the School Crossing Guard to access Alperton Stop A.

Year 10 and Year 11 students will also leave the Stanley Avenue site at different times. Year 10 and 11 students must use the Clayton Avenue (Stop S) outside the Post Office on the Ealing Road if they are commuting towards Wembley. Year 10 and Year 11 students commuting to St Rafael’s must use the Mount Pleasant Bus Stop (Request) to catch route 224.

A reminder that students are no longer allowed to enter or loiter around any of the local shops at the end of the school day in order to make sure students from different year groups do not mix and put each other at risk of contracting coronavirus.


The school has arranged for additional cleaners to work during the school day in the autumn term. As well as the whole site being cleaned overnight, a number of cleaners will be working throughout the school day on both sites to clean high contact points e.g. door handles, stair rails. The cleaning products used are of the same standard as those used in hospitals and are antibacterial and antiviral.

Parent Events and Visiting the School

During the autumn term all parent meetings, such as Academic Review Meetings, will be held remotely. We will review the situation as the term progresses. Please be aware that parents will now need to contact the school to make an appointment to meet a member of staff. You can either use the Year group tabs on the right of the school home page ( or call reception on 020 8902 2038 to make appointments.

Clubs, Extra-Curricular Activities and Visits

Regrettably, we will not be able to run any after-school activities or take students on trips during the autumn term. We will keep this decision under review as the term progresses. We will, however, do everything we can to re-establish our very popular Breakfast Club. Details will be communicated to parents in September. In the first instance, Breakfast Club is likely to be by invitation only.

Thank you to all parents for your unwavering support during these extremely challenging times. We will endeavour to do everything we can to provide a safe, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for your children. We are very much looking forward to getting our school back to normal and meeting all our students again in September.