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All students have a right to be stretched and challenged. This includes those who are particularly able in certain subjects or have a wider potential for outstanding educational achievement. Students with exceptional ability may require additional provision, both in lessons and beyond, to achieve success in line with their potential.

We recognise that strategies used for raising standards for the most able students will help raise standards for all.

At Alperton Community School, we recognise that most able pupils could be tomorrow’s social, intellectual, economic, business and cultural leaders. Our school aims to provide the best possible education to meet the individual needs of all students and to help them develop to their full potential. We understand that most able education is an equal opportunities issue.

Teachers are aware of the students in their lessons who are of high ability and ensure that they are stretched and challenged in lessons. Setting may help to differentiate, but even within a set, there will be considerable difference in ability and performance. Teachers ensure that stretch and challenge is an essential part of teaching pedagogy.

MA students are identified from primary school records like the KS2 levels and the Reading and Maths scaled scores. All students who have achieved an L5 in English or Maths at KS2 will automatically be flagged as MA and the teaching and learning in lessons will be geared to match the ability of these students.

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