The focus of free tuition is to develop the higher order thinking skills required to apply subject knowledge to exam questions so that all students are as well prepared as possible for their final exams.

Free tuition sessions are offered to all Year 11 students throughout their final year of GCSEs and also to our KS3 and Sixth Form students.

Sessions are run by subject teachers, many of whom are also examiners, and take place every day after school and during all school holidays. Each student has a ‘free tuition card’ with details of their sessions; the number of sessions they must attend is reviewed after Pre Public Exams which take place in the autumn and spring term.

Students have found the sessions extremely useful:

“It really helped me understand how to answer exam questions.”
“I feel much more confident.”
“It’s good because we have our own teachers, they know what questions there are and what we need to do to answer them.”
“My parents could not afford this outside school, it’s made a big difference to my grades.”(ACS Students, Year 11)