Exams can be a very challenging and difficult time for your child and helping them through the stress of revision and providing general support can have a very positive impact on their learning.

Assisting with revision tasks

  • work out a revision timetable for each subject and agree a time for each task
  • break the revision time is small chunks, with short breaks after each session
  • go through the notes they’ve made at school and ask specific question to test their understanding
  • use highlighters and postcards to emphasize to essential information
  • ensure your child has all the books and equipment necessary
  • time their attempts at practice papers

All-round support

  • provide your child with a quiet place to study and try to maintain a pleasant general atmosphere at home
  • ensure your child gets enough sleep – particularly the night before the exam – and try to provide healthy and nutritional foods and snack during the revision period;
  • ensure they have enough breaks during the day and suggest a short walk in the park, even during a busy revision day, to help clear the mind before the next session

Exam information and resources