Exams form an important part of your child’s academic year. With regular revision, response to teacher feedback and parent support, your child will be prepared to perform at their best. 
We work closely with PiXL [Partners in Excellence] and are delighted to share their latest research backed parent support materials to help you work with your child to find the most effective strategies for learning, memory, recall and exam performance. 

Summer 2021 Exam Timetables

Year 7 Exam Timetable


Year 8 Exam Timetable


Year 9 Exam Timetable


Year 10 Exam Timetable


Year 12 Exam Timetable

Metacognition and Self Regulation Power to perform Prepare to Perform
Cognitive Load Theory Don’t Break the Chain Building Resilience
Spacing and Timing Night before Exam Handling the pressure of external exams
The Interleaving Technique PiXL Endurance How to encourage productive learning
The Chunking Technique Recipe Cards How to support revisiting of learning
Using Flashcards  Subjects YOU Struggled With
The Flipped Learning Technique
Keeping Active During Revision

PiXL [Partners in Excellence] is a non-profit organisation committed to academic excellence and character development in young people. Students can also access PiXL resources to help develop stamina and endurance ahead of exams along with materials designed to support independent learning.

Student Login Details:

Link: https://students.pixl.org.uk
PiXL School Number: 502567
Password: Indep49

Exam information and resources