Homework is an essential part of your child’s education, reinforcing what they learn at school and also giving you an opportunity to get involved in their learning process.

To help your child with their home learning you can:

  • plan a homework timetable for your child and agree the time they will complete it;
  • provide a quiet place at home to be used as a homework area and ensure it has a good light source;
  • provide all the required equipment to complete the homework, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, dictionary, ruler etc.;
  • provide your child with something nutritious to eat before starting their homework to ensure they have enough energy to complete the task;
  • turn off the TV and put aside any potential distracting devices to increase their concentration;
  • discuss any homework tasks with your child and how this relates to what they have learned at school;
  • do not help your child by giving them the answer; instead, explain or show them how to look up information in order to reach their own conclusions;
  • try to make their homework as engaging as possible, as a fun activity that they would look forward to;