On Monday 21 May, a group of Year 10 students took part in a game development workshop lead by one of our ex-students Omar, who is currently enjoying a successful career in game development. The workshop gave the students an insight into what it is like to be a game developer, allowed them to learn more about the industry, develop their own ideas for the future and gave them an opportunity to ask questions.

Mr Sattar, our ICT teacher coordinating the event was very pleased with the outcome: “The in-school game development session on Monday was amazing. The students found it very useful and almost 3/4 of the class said afterwards that they will consider it as a career. “

The presenters were exceptional and made the students feel at ease. After the workshop they said our students came up with some great ideas that might even get transformed into games. They were genuinely impressed with our students and really enjoyed their experience at our school.

What our students had to say…

“The game development session was really unique and interesting. It allowed me to understand the time and effort put into developing games. It has definitely given me an insight into the procedures and different aspects of game creation, for example; design, tech and art. I was able to acquire information of the different aspects from people who are specialised in them. All in all, it was a captivating experience and has inspired me to further explore the possibilities of learning to compute.

An interesting, insightful and very detailed experience of Game Development”

Umair Y10

“The workshop was frolicsome. I loved the part where you got to design your own game and pitch the concept to the ‘producers’.

It was mainly interactive except the presentation which I quite relished. It was well balanced between interactive learning and presentations.

The workshop taught the key aspects of not only how to become a game designer, but what it is like to be one.”

Dhairya Y10

“Thanks to this session, I was introduced to common practices that take place in the game development industry. This gave me a unique insight into the world of game design and programming in general. I enjoyed the session and hope for more like them in the future.”

Chandru Y10