Year 10 Most Able students inspired by visit to Jesus College, Cambridge University

A group of 30 of our Most Able Year 10 students were invited for a day visit to Jesus College, University of Cambridge. The trip offered our students the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a student at Cambridge university.

As well as a tour of the college, our students had the the chance to meet undergraduates and dine in the college’s dining hall. In addition, the various talks and activities were designed to encourage our Most Able students to think about their university options and to help prepare them to make a competitive application.

Our students, Kory Sinclair, Samira Hassan and Shakithiyan Sivakumar, were very impressed with their contribution to a seminar on 17th century British Naval history, conducted by a PhD student. They were able to ask inquisitive questions that added depth to the discussion.

Overall, our Most Able students were inspired to work hard and follow in the footsteps of current Cambridge undergraduates and former Alperton pupils, Shahir Ahmadi and James Simkins.