Why our new Year 7 Parents made us their no 1 choice

Many thanks to all the parents who took the time to give us such positive feedback.

Alperton Community School is a safe school and I don’t need to worry about my daughter travelling to school every day.

My son is a very able student and has very high scores academically. I feel that he will make great progress at Alperton Community School.

Our son is very ambitious and talented. His passion for arts and technology has grown along with his maturity. We believe that Alperton Community School would be the perfect school for my son where his talent and ambition will be nurtured.

We truly believe that Alperton is the ideal school for our child. The community aspect and approach to learning mirrors our son’s primary school experience. We feel he will flourish academically with the broad curriculum offered, whilst feeding his creative and social skills.

I would like my son to go to this school because of how good the Ofsted report is.

We attended an open evening at Alperton with our son and were very impressed with the trending improvement under the new leadership of the head and it is the nearest school to us.

Alperton Community School is a good school which returns excellent GCSEs and A Levels. I believe the school will help in the development of my child. My children have attended Alperton Community School from year 7 to year 13 and one other is currently studying A Levels in the sixth form. I have been impressed more and more every year with Alperton’s progress and I have personally seen the quality of the site and teaching improve over the past 5 years. I believe Alperton would be a great fit for my son as it has the facilities to aid him into continuing to be a model pupil through his secondary school years.

I have chosen this school because it has an extremely good reputation. The curriculum is very impressive and can accommodate the needs of my son. Another positive aspect of what the school offers is the extracurricular activities. My son has an aptitude for sports and maths and he is currently training with Tottenham football club within their Elite Development Centre. After looking at the school results and Ofsted report which are both very good, I believe this shows the quality of teaching and pupil support. I have also been in discussion with other parents and they have highly recommended this school.

My daughter is very interested in attending this school because her brother is a pupil there and I have great confidence in the school and in my son’s achievements.  I feel that my daughter will settle well.  I am very happy with the school’s curriculum and latest OFSTED report. I feel that my daughter will make good progress as she is very studious and I think she will be an asset to the school. The school building is very modern, spacious and very welcoming.

I prefer this school because my daughter is settling well in this new environment during the primary school education and I would like that to continue at Alperton Community School. Also, my daughter had a tour of the school and she really liked it.

The school’s maths grade is really high and my son loves Maths and want to study it in the sixth form.

I attended Alperton Community School 1987-1992 and know the school very well. I have also kept in contact with some of my teachers and it would be a great opportunity for my son to attend this school. I was really impressed with the new site on Ealing Road and I must say I was blown away with how good the school looks.

I am happy with this school because it is close to home and has very good reviews.

Alperton Community School is a very vibrant school and is has great results in subjects like Maths and Visual Arts.

Alperton is a good school where I think my child will exceed. Statistics show a rise in A*-C in all subjects for all students.

My child was shown the school as part of a workshop from Lyon Park and she really enjoyed it.

My son has visited Alperton Community School and thought it was a really good school, which he felt would be an easy transition from primary to secondary school. Alperton has also won awards for maths, which is one of my son’s strongest subjects and he thinks that the school can help propel him to the next level.

My daughter wants to be an artist and this school has a Visual Art specialisation which would help her with her further studies.

I found the children really disciplined at Alperton Community School. I also liked the new building and also the way you inspire pupils to aspire and commit to something they want to succeed in.

I prefer this school because most of my son’s schoolmates go to this school and they gave us a very good report. We are very impressed with the performance in the school league tables from this school.

I have heard is one of the best schools and my friend recommended it to me. This school has been the most improved school I have heard of and the students in this school who live in my neighborhood have achieved extraordinary results in their exams. This school has got amazing facilities that will be useful to my son.

My son did the 11+ exam this year and he received very good grades. I believe he will be stretched at Alperton Community School.

I have visited this school’s open evening and I hope my daughter attends this school.

We researched local secondary schools and choose yours as one of our top preferred schools locally which would suit my daughter’s skills and allow her to contribute positively towards the school and allow her to develop.

Alperton Community School has demonstrated that they have the right ethos and learning facilities to help my son reach the standards he has set for himself. During the open day we were able to explore the school’s learning facilities, their teaching sessions and teaching environment, and more importantly, it was quite amazing to see the eager and well-minded pupil guide we had. He was passionate about the school and with that – enjoying his school and wanting to go to school – satisfaction in learning will surely follow.