Sixth Form Dress Code

As a member of the Sixth Form, we expect all students to set a good example and be good role models for the rest of the school. This means following the Sixth Form dress code, having respect for staff, other students and the wider community. At the start of the term each student is required to read and sign the Sixth Form Code of Conduct agreement that holds him or her accountable to the protocol in the Sixth Form.

The Dress Code for the Sixth Form is:

  • Smart ‘business like‘ dress (both male / female) i.e. suits / pencil skirts
  • ¾ length trousers are allowed in the summer, of smart style.
  • Waistcoats / cardigans / sweaters
  • Shirts / Polo shirts / blouses can be of any colour, but not too garish (suggest black / white / green) No other type of T-shirts
  • Footwear – black (no open toes)
  • Plain black trousers are allowed or any business-like trousers in the colours of navy, grey, blue or brown.
  • NO Jeans are allowed
  • No baseball caps / no hoodies
  • In Winter – polo neck / high neck tops permitted (NO hoodies)
  • Outer garments to fit in with business Dress Code (colours: black / grey / brown / navy acceptabe