Sixth Form ICT students visits Bett Exhibition at ExCell London

On Friday 25th January 2019 a class of 15 Sixth Form students studying ICT at A Level visited the Bett Exhibition at the Excel Centre in London.

Being exposed to over 800 leading companies and 103 new tech start-ups, the visit was very inspirational for these students who aspire towards a career in this ever growing industry.

The students attended a number of lectures during the event which allowed them to learn about different ways in which technology benefits society at an individual and group level. They became involved in discussions about Cyber Security with leading companies and learned about innovative ways in which technology helps to detect a breach in customer security.

The students met with representatives from leading companies including Google, Adobe and Microsoft. They had a enjoyable learning experience whilst also gaining an insight into how these companies use their technology to help students by making education accessible to everyone.

Article Written by Aseem Mohammadu-Ansar