About Student voice

Students are proud to represent the school and each other, playing a major part in developing and shaping our school. The representatives of our active student council are directly involved in the planning and implementation of school improvements and meet regularly to discuss key issues and priorities.

Members of the school councils have a responsibility to put forward the views of their tutor and year groups. Rather than just presenting their own opinions, students are encouraged to develop as effective leaders and ensure the voice of all students is represented. The Council members also ensure that feedback from the meeting is passed back to their year and tutor groups.

A successful form representative is…

  • Someone elected by their form
  • Listens to everyone
  • Attends all Student Voice meetings
  • Communicates back to their form group

 A successful year representative has…

  • Been nominated by the students
  • Attendance over 95%
  • More achievement points than behaviour points
  • The ability to speak to a wide audience
  • Less than 30 behaviour points
  • Positive reference from PM
  • Reviewed by Student Voice Lead, Deputy Head Teacher and PM’s