Eco School

ACS has recently joined the Eco School programme, the largest educational programme in the world involving over 50 000 schools from 67 countries.

The schools are joining the programme to enable young people to create and implement solutions for existing environmental issues in their school and the wider community.

An Eco Committee formed of teachers, STL members, Governors and Eco Reps from year 7, 8, 9 and 10 will lead the Eco School programme at Alperton.

The Eco committee will campaign to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage students as well as the community to adopt an eco-friendly attitude on a daily basis.

Recycling paper and reducing plastic waste are the top priorities set by the Committee, who is determined to work hard in order to improve the school and the local environment, so ACS can achieve the Green Flag Award.

Eco Committee Action Plan

During the first meeting of our Eco Committee this Friday, members carried out an Environmental Review covering 10 environmental topics.

Following this audit, the Eco committee has drawn an Action Plan on three areas identified as needing improvement: Waste, Water and Litter. The Eco Reps are already successfully running a weekly recycling programme to reduce paper waste as well as encouraging teachers and students to recycle more paper. Also, all plastic coffee cups for the staff and plastic take-away lunch boxes were both replaced by recyclable materials in order to reduce single-use plastic.

Regarding Water waste and Litter, the Eco Committee will lead a “saving water” campaign for World Water Day ( 22nd of March) and will take part in the Great Big School Clean to clear litter from the Canal in Alperton.