About our pastoral support

Our school is very efficient in providing pastoral support to our students. Every student is allocated to a tutor group and there are 8 tutors in each year group. Each group is led by a Personal Tutor, who will stay with the tutor group for the duration of the period spent in the Lower school.

The Upper school has a Vertical Tutor system where students from Years 10,11,12 and 13 share form times and assemblies. The tutor is a key member of staff and is responsible for establishing a happy, secure and supportive relationship with the tutor group.

Students in turn feel secure in having someone to whom they can look for support and guidance. Students meet with their tutor each afternoon and have structured tutor-led activities including PSHE (Personal, Social Health Education). Personal Tutors maintain an overview of the academic progress of each student and monitor attendance and punctuality patterns.

The Pastoral Managers and the SENco liaise closely with feeder primary schools and gather as much relevant information as possible on each student to ensure a smooth transition. Careful consideration is given to the composition of each tutor group to ensure that each student is taught in a balanced group which receives as much support as possible to meet the needs of all students, including the very able students and those who need individual learning support.