What can you do as parents at home?

At Alperton Community School, our key literacy priorities for 2018-19 are to:
  1. Narrow the gap between a student’s reading age and their chronological reading age by using Accelerated reader effectively.
  2. Ensure that all students write at length in every subject and that the quality of their written work improves over time.


  “To be literate is to gain a voice and to participate meaningfully and assertively in decisions that affect one’s life.

To be literate is to gain self-confidence.

To be literate is to become self-assertive…

Literacy enables people to read their own world and to write their own history…

Literacy provides access to written knowledge- and knowledge is power. In a nutshell, literacy empowers.”

OFSTED – Improving literacy in secondary schools: a shared responsibility, April 2013






Further Resources

Online Resources

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