John Boyle Inclusion Centre

John Boyle centre opened in December 2012 and was named after a colleague who was instrumental in the development of young people of all abilities. To read more about John Boyle please read the Opening Day Programme here. The John Boyle Inclusion Centre will not be affected by the building of the new school and will remain in its current location beyond September 2016.

It is the base for students who transfer to Alperton Community School from Woodfield School, which is a Special school for students with Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD). The base accommodates up to 20 students, ten Year 10 and ten Year 11, who join us to study a Key Stage 4 curriculum in a mainstream setting.

The students follow a Foundation curriculum pathway and are taught English, Maths, Science and Religious Studies in discrete sets and follow the rest of their curriculum in mixed Key Stage 4 option groups with other students from the same year group. The aim of the collaboration with Woodfield School is that these students will gain the personal and social benefits from completing their education in a mainstream setting as well as being offered a broader curriculum which will lead to an appropriate qualification at the end of their programme of study. Students capable of doing GCSEs in subjects will be entered for those exams.

All students benefit from integrating with the wider student body and develop greater levels of independence, communication skills and personal development.  The students are supported through the transition process by the rest of the student body, who are extremely welcoming to all newcomers, teachers who have had specialist support and training from colleagues at Woodfield School and a counselling service, if required.  They are also fully supported in every lesson by Learning and Teaching Assistants who have had additional training at Woodfield to meet their needs. Our first cohort of students is now in Year 11 and engaged in making choices for their post 16 education. Most will stay on at Alperton Community School to embark on level 1 and level 2 qualifications and develop skills for independent living and working life.