PSHE Education

Please click here to download our PSHEE schedule for 2019-2020 (subject to change).

PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

At ACS the many issues that are within the PSHEE framework are covered in a variety of ways. In lessons, on special days called ELD’s and with speakers that are invited in for special assemblies and workshops.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in PSHEE

Throughout Years 7-13 it is the aim to enable every student to develop into a healthy, well rounded and responsible adult. This is done through a wide range of active learning styles. PSHEE sessions encourage every student to participate fully and discuss, reflect on and form their own opinions and views. The schemes of work have been structured in order to facilitate our aims in reaching the whole child, use the material to stimulate discussion and allow for pupil participation. In addition to using books, we use resources that are carefully selected to suit the year group. We are also keen for students to learn more about current affairs and allows them to research into certain areas.  Students cover all aspects of PSHEE through written work, research tasks and discussions. Engaging, inclusive approaches are used in all lessons to enable students to enjoy and achieve in PSHEE. Teachers are very passionate about PSHEE and this enthusiasm enhances the interest of our students. At the beginning of the year each class devises a set of Ground rules that they all agree to follow.

In lesson: Throughout the week one form time session will be PSHEE focused.

Issues and areas discussed in PSHEE lessons depending on year group include:

Transition and making friends, personal safety, personal growth and changes, healthy lifestyles, self-esteem and confidence, first aid, drugs, alcohol and tobacco and making choices, financial capability, revision and time management, careers and aspirations, emotions, feelings and relationships, conception and contraception, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Domestic violence (DV), Child Sex Exploitation (CSE). New guidance on the status of RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) becoming statutory in 2020.  This section of our PSHEE curriculum will be reviewed and updated in light of this.

Throughout the year speakers are invited in to meet our students in assemblies and on special days. For example, Aneeta Prem, founder of Freedom Charity working against forced marriage met 5 year groups in one day and each student received a copy of her first published book “It’s Not Fair” as well her recently published follow up book “Cut Flowers”.  Aneeta Prem is scheduled to be joining us again in September for our PSHEE day as part of our wider commitment to safeguarding, along with other speakers and workshops.

Regarding the theme of health and wellbeing ACS also hosted Andrew Bernard a successful businessman who shared his story of testicular cancer survival.