Geography trip to Juniper Hall

On 5th September, our Year 10 students went on a geography field trip to Juniper Hall, which was immensely fun and enlightening.

The students journeyed to Surrey by coach and investigated the changes in a river’s profile.

“Not only did it help us remember the factual information we were taught, but it provided us with information that is crucial for our Geography GCSE Paper 3, which accounts for 30% of our overall grade. The tutors there were engaging and polite; we felt supported every step of the way. Moreover, we were supervised by many of the Alperton staff, who were qualified in first aid, meaning that we were extremely safe, and in capable hands. Overall, the journey was extremely fun and informative, and taught us something that we couldn’t have attained from a textbook. It was a great experience, and I’d be happy to embark on the trip again.”
(Student, Year 10)